The Highlands at Woodbrook Community Organization consists of all 56 households in the Highlands. Every homeowner gets a voice — through voting at the annual meeting, approving the yearly budget, and attending the board meetings on the first Thursday of each month. The mission of the organization is straightforward: To ensure that the neighborhood is appealing and attractive, that its amenities are well managed, that disagreements are quickly resolved, and that property values are maintained and enhanced.

See something that needs improving? Ask the board if you can take it on as a project. You’ll feel good about improving the place where you live — and your neighbors will be grateful!


Your Board of Directors

Your board of directors was elected in July 2022:

Regan Bolli, President

Ben Noble, Vice President

Cathy Boyd, Secretary

Jeff Gorder, Director

You can email the board at bod@highlandsatwoodbrook.com.


We email a notice of each board and membership meeting to all residents of the Highlands.

Annual meetings are held on or about the first Wednesday in June. A budget ratification meeting also is held each year, generally during November or December.

You can review minutes from these meetings here.